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Welcome to Punkin House

Punkin House is primarily for authors seeking a personal relationship with their publishing house.
If you are tired of the impersonal publishing experience, then Punkin House is the right answer for you.

We have an entire line of fiction books and poetry. We are now opening our
doors to accept submissions for nonfiction books. The Punkin House submission
process is incredibly selective and we will not publish every manuscript that is
submitted to us.

Punkin House is a traditional publishing company and will never charge an
author with fees. Every book will be available and distributed in multiple
outlets. We offer high royalty incentives not only to the author, but for the
team who created the book. Punkin House is dedicated to the arts, and the
art of doing what you love.

Our books are available at major retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Join the Punkin House family today and start your career as a published author!
Call For Submissions

Punkin House is sending a call for submissions now through JANUARY 31ST 2014. We are accepting only 3 manuscripts for publication for the year of 2014, from 3 different authors. No submissions will be accepted after January 31, 2014. There is no set word count or genre limit for the submissions, however Punkin House is no longer accepting submissions for The Punkin House Digest or for Poetry. Submissions for Non-Fiction are highly preferred.

Please send via email to SUBMISSIONS@PUNKINHOUSE.COM
Visit Submit a Manuscript for More Information

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